How to install Rainmeter?

Hi, i am coming with a new post for you With a “Desktop Customization Tool

Everyone Would like to get their Desktop Look different and more Attractive than Others.
For this there is a Solution it is ” Rainmeter “
Which is one of Best Desktop Customization Software made Ever. Now we will know how to install Rainmeter in this Post.

Follow the Steps:

Step 1: Get the Rainmeter Software for Here


Step 2: Run the Software as Administrator

Step 3:
Install the Software without any Error’s

Step 4:
After Installing Rainmeter the default Skin is  applied to Our Desktop.

Finish.. The installation of Rainmeter is Completed. 

:\]] After the installing the Rainmeter in your System Download different Styles of Rainmeter skins from Rainmeter Hub
You can also different styles form and deviantart and Rainmeter-Skins
I will Suggest you to get skins from DEVIANTART

This is My Desktop Do You Like iT?

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